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Quid Stroller

How much does the Quid stroller weigh?
Can the Quid stroller fit in an airplane luggage compartment?
Yes, the Quid fits in most airplane luggage compartments.
What is the minimum age that a child must be to use the Quid stroller?
3 months
What is the maximum age that a child can be to use the Quid stroller?
It is more of a weight issue than an age one.
What is the maximum allowable weight for the Quid stroller?
Is the Quid stroller car seat compatible?
No, it cannot accommodate a car seat.
Are there any accessories for the Quid stroller sold separately?
Yes, Inglesina offers a carry bag for the Quid stroller.
Can the Quid stroller accommodate a snack tray?
It can accommodate a universal snack tray, however Inglesina does not offer a custom one.
Does the Quid stroller contain flame retardants?
Does the Quid stroller contain regulated BPA, BPS, lead, or pthalates?
Is the canopy of the Quid stroller water resistant?
Is the Quid stroller fabric Anti-UV treated?
Yes, the Quid stroller features Anti-UV treated fabric (UPF 50+).
How can the Quid stroller be cleaned?
We recommend cleaning the seat cover and harness of the Quid stroller by surface washing them with a damp cloth and mild soap. Do not use solvents, ammonia or bleach. For additional cleaning instructions please refer to the Quid stroller instructions manual.
What is the height of the stroller seat back?
The total height of the seat back is 16".
What is the total height from the seat base to the top of the stroller canopy?
26". If you compare this to similar strollers from other brands, you will realize that the Quid stroller canopy is exceptionally roomy.
Does the Quid stroller have suspension?
Yes, the Quid stroller features front wheel suspension.
Can the Quid stroller stand upright when folded?
Yes, the Quid stroller features a "self standing" support that allows it to remain upright on its own.