From 3 to 36 months

Compact storage

This full-size high chair gets small enough to fit under the table when you are ready to put it away. Learn how easy it is to fold the Zuma by looking the video below! Perfect for the minimalist parent or for someone who does not have a lot of space


3-position reclining backrest enables eating, playing and - of course - napping. 8-position adjustable height mechanism helps to fit many different tables. The 5-point harness provides maximum safety.


The snack tray and “oil repellent” double seat pads are removable and washable. The removable snack tray is dish washer safe (and starting in 2012 it snaps into place so your baby can’t knock it off).


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Needed a high chair

Review by Len (Posted on 3/18/16)
Needed a high chair that we could fold away easily as we canont leave it out all the time. The Zuma is functional and comfortable and practical as well as looking good and we can move it around as we need with no difficulty. Yes it is pricey but if you are looking for a good all around High chair that saves space then I would recommend this. I looked at many options and was unsure at first if I had done the right thing but now I wouldn't change it for anything else given the choice

Pricey and worth it

Review by Gabriel Weatherhead (Posted on 5/19/14)
Easy to use and very adjustable. It's also really easy to hide out of the way or roll to another room. The seat cushion is held in with magnets, for easy clean up. Nice tray inserts allow for easy cleaning too. Well worth the price.

Zuma Highchair is a great find

Review by M. Spurdle "on Miami Beach" (Posted on 4/25/14)
My husband is an orthopedic surgeon and was against high chairs because of the number of injuries he sees from high chair use. As anyone reading this would understand you HAVE to have one! I did research and found the Zuma Chair and decided to try it out. I LOVE it - it is easy to adjust, is compact when folded up, there are TWO tray inserts that can be put in the dishwasher, the chair adjusts for several positions making it good for younger babies who may not be sitting up yet, it feels sturdy, is easy to clean and it looks great! My husband thinks it is a great high chair because it is stable and the chair is secure without holes that might catch a leg or arm.

We love it !

Review by Wael Alali "Wael AlAli" (Posted on 4/22/14)
Light weight chair and easy to maneuver around the house. Our child loves it! and Mommy can wheel it around with ease. Not to mention the beautiful design.

Love, Love, Love this highchair

Review by Jenni23 (Posted on 4/20/14)
I bought this highchair 10months ago for my now, 18mo son. Although this was one of the more expensive highchairs out there, it was well worth the money!! I wouldn't ever consider another! It has three reclining positions and the seat is completely washable! Very, Very happy with this product!!!

Highly recommended!

Review by Kenneth (Posted on 2/15/14)
After buying other rather terribly designed high chairs we finally discovered this one. It is fabulous. Looks great. The fit, finish and functionality of the chair is perfect. Our 9 month old son loves it. Look forward to many years of eating (and mess) pleasure with it :)

Highly recommended

Review by Matthew Thompson (Posted on 10/5/13)
When I first viewed the picture of this high chair online I wasn't impressed. But one of my friends highly recommended it, so I bought it on Amazon. And I have loved it ever since. I highly recommend it. It is very stable but folds up small to store away. And the kids love it.

great looking, versatile

Review by city mom (Posted on 8/10/13)
I can't say enough good things about this high chair.
the plastic is very smooth and easy to clean
the table comes out so our son can enjoy making a mess on his table as well as join us for dinner at the big table. however, be careful if you would like to use it at the head of the table: the base is quite wide and it doesn't fit our ikea table very well (the legs of the chair don't fit between the legs of the table) so the high chair sits too far from the table.
it's compact and super easy to fold. when you have a dinner party it can sit in a corner (looking very cute) and it doesn't take too much space. also we wheel it around quite a lot (when folded) and found that very convenient.
it comes with two types of padding: one for the little guys, which covers the whole chair, and one for older kids with just a back and bottom pad. it was very nice to be able to take the padding off when our baby grew up because the plastic is easier to clean, and it looks even better.
the feet are quite treacherous however: they stick out in the back, and we constantly bumped our feet into the chair (we finally just put it against the wall).
it can go up and down super quickly. so our son was able to join us at the coffee table for appetizers and at the big table for dinner without a problem.
very well built - we've had ours for over a year now and it still works like new (no squeaks, nothing broken).
and if you're looking at it you already probably know this: great design (our friends without kids wanted one), no teddy bears or blue plaid... it fits in with the dining room.

Great modern chair

Review by Noelle (Posted on 7/27/13)
I wanted a modern chair that has a sleek design, that can be collapsed completely (meaning, the entire frame collapses and the chair doesn't only slide down the frame like other chairs) and that is stable. This chair has it all. It looks great, it's easy to clean and complements any space with its beautiful design. I don't find the distance of the tray to be a problem at all, as my daughter likes to lean forward...if anything, I think chairs with little space in between will annoy the baby when it gets older, as they will have no space to move. The chair can be reclined and this way I am still able to give her water in the bottle after feeding without pulling her out. Initially, I considered the boon chair because of its design, but after seeing one in the store, I wasn't impressed with it at all. It couldn't be reclined, it wasn't comfortable and it did not feel stable like Zuma. I have a large dog and feel comfortable when my daughter is in the Zuma chair with him around. The Zuma is a great buy and you will not regret it. The baby bargains book rated it as C, which I totally disagree with it. BTW, the chair comes full assembled.

love it

Review by tyler jones (Posted on 6/23/13)
Its so easy to clean, and my baby loves it. however, i wish it had wheels on the back, but nevertheless its a great chair. I do wonder if a "bigger" baby would fit? my baby is very petite and fits her perfectly. Im not sure that a bigger baby would fit in it. but overall I love it and it looks great!

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