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[ {"title": "Zippy Light stroller", "description": "Folding a stroller has never been so magical", "img": "", "link":"zippy-light-stroller.html"}, {"title": "Net stroller", "description": "Travel fresh and light", "img": "", "link":"net-stroller.html"}, {"title": "Trilogy stroller", "description": "Italy's beauty and style in a stroller", "img": "", "link":"trilogy-stroller.html"}, {"title": "Quad stroller", "description": "The premium SUV of strollers", "img": "", "link":"quad-stroller.html"}, {"title": "Zuma highchair", "description": "For your contemporary home", "img": "", "link":"highchairs.html"}, {"title": "Fast table chair", "description": "Right with you, side by side", "img": "", "link":"fast-table-chair.html"}, {"title": "Trip stroller", "description": "Just $149 while supplies last", "img": "", "link":"trip-stroller.html"} ]