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The handy rear storage pocket is perfect for any small accessories you may need to put away to free up your hands.


Fast is ultra-light (4.2 lbs), collapsible and easy to carry comfortably in the included carry bag.


An instant favorite, parents love the Fast because of its simple, twist-tight coupling and its compatibility with most types of tables (3.3'' thick), leaving them scratch free.


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Thoroughly enjoyed!

Review by Megan (Posted on 9/21/15)
We purchased a table top hook on high chair for our preemie daughter. She was born at 1 lb and 4 oz and we worked so hard to be able to bring her home that we didn't take her out much. When we did we wanted everything to be as clean as possible which meant no public high chairs (eww!). We have thoroughly enjoyed our seat and I feel like we have sold at least 100 for you guys because people always ask where we got it, what kind it is, and have even taken pictures of it. People stare at us when we put it together and then proclaim how "neat" it is. Thanks for your product and the safety and piece of mind it gives my husband and me.


Review by MomToPrincess (Posted on 2/12/15)
We love this chair! It's safe, easy to use and let's the baby be part of the table. We have it attached to our kitchen island. It takes 2 seconds to set up. Now that our baby is crawling there are just a few safe places you can put her while you do something and this is one of them. Highly recommend. It's worth the money - you will be happy with it.


Review by Rebecca (Posted on 12/16/14)
I wanted to let you know how wonderful your fast table chair is. I purchased this item a couple of weeks ago for my 9 month old little girl. We travel a lot and because of this we are always in a restaurant. I am starting to find more and more that restaurants are not allowing their own high chairs for tables and booths. They claim its a fire hazard and we must hold our infant while we eat. Well anyone who has ever had kids can testify that holding a 9 month old while trying to eat is nearly impossible. One day while eating out my husband said we need a seat that we can take with us that will fold and can hang on the table edge. So I started looking and found yours. I was very impressed with all the features. So we purchased the fushia fast table chair from amazon.

Immediately when it arrived I was impressed. I love how it has a padded seat so the child is comfortable, the safety strap that stays attached and the buckle with cover are nice features too. I also love that it has a built in bag that tucks away while in use and the pocket on the back for bibs. These are all nice features. I have received so many compliments about the new seat every where I go. I talk to everyone about it and many have asked where to get one for themselves. I also tell everyone that I now know what my child is sitting in, how safe it is as well as how clean it is. So many times we go some place and the seat is broke, the buckles are broke, or their is food and who knows what else all over (disgusting). I have had a few people place orders for these seats right at the restaurant because they want one too. Thank you for making this seat.

Awesome table chair

Review by A. O'Reilly (Posted on 5/25/14)
I used to have the now-discontinued Phil n Ted Me Too, which was definitely smaller and more portable for travel, but this is a great regular high chair replacement. It's deep and sturdy and looks nice. IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a between-the-legs strap/bar that needs to be clipped across when you buy it. I didn't realize that and would always use the waist strap. Our babysitter, who'd used this in another house, didn't realize the T-strap wasn't there and the baby slipped right through :( She was ok because she went feet-first but it was very scary!!! So make sure to put the T-strap up.

I will say it's a bit big and heavy for lugging around to restaurants, and the attached bag is pretty flimsy (at this weight it would be nice if it had two straps to become a backpack; I have rope burn on my shoulder from carrying this). I miss the Me Too for that.

Great design

Review by Amalia Hamilton (Posted on 4/23/14)
This is a wonderful product. Very easy to use and clean. We have it attached to the table at home and our toddler really likes to sit and eat at the table with us. It is also nice to have a secure place to put her at a restaurant since high chairs are too big.

Love this chair

Review by Emily (Posted on 4/20/14)
This chair is easy to hook to the table-- ours has a 3- or 4-inch lip on it, but it hooks on fine. I like that it has a much smaller footprint than a high chair, and lets our baby sit at the table with the rest of the family. The cover is fairly easy to take off to toss in the washing machine.

Great idea

Review by John Dowling (Posted on 4/14/14)
We take this chair with us everywhere. Restaurant, friends homes. We find that are baby really like it . She is closer to all of us when sitting in the Table Chair compared to a normal high chair.


Review by D. Mullenax "corgimom" (Posted on 4/11/14)
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!! My grandson uses it at restaurants instead of the nasty highchairs that are provided. (who knows when they were last cleaned). He can sit right up to the table with the family. LIKE A BIG BOY!!

Compatible with bar/counter with a "lip" or trim

Review by Lifehack G (Posted on 3/2/14)
We originally bought the Phil and Ted's Lobster chairs for our counter/bar. We were bummed to realize that the weren't compatible with the thin trim around the wood counter because it created a very small lip (maybe 1/8th or 1/16th of an inch) so the "claw" couldn't close completely and the chairs weren't safe. Those chairs require a completely flat counter or table edge, on top and bottom. We thought our lip was so small it wouldn't matter, but it did.

We then bought these, instead, based on the picture and hoped the problem would be solved. It was!

We like that the clamp and most of the hardware is UNDER the counter instead of above it like the P&T, so there's nothing sticking out. We like that it's a more universal design that works on more tables and counters. It's much for versatile for travel.

The tray is great, assembly was easy, the chairs are solid as a rock and we will use them full-time as our high chairs in our small condo.

At first we thought it didn't come with a carry bag, but it does, it's just built into the chair so don't forget to dig around for that.

I can't speak for all tables, but if you have a counter or bar with trim or a small lip, this is perfect. If it helps, the WIDTH of the trim around our counter is exactly 1" (so that was the amount of space we needed between the fabric and the hardware) and it fit fine.

Happy purchase

Review by Sunshine (Posted on 3/1/14)
We have only used the chair five times so far and it is great. I read many reviews before I purchased and am happy that I did. This chair is well padded which is good for a squirmy little boy. 10 month old is happy sitting in the chair. It is easy to assemble. We purchased this for travel but convenient enough we are using already. The bag attached to the bottom is wonderful and makes it easy. The only issue we have had so far is that when we put it in the booth with us rather than the end of the table his legs were long enough to reach the seat, then he was trying to stand. No problem with the chair itself and happy that it did fit inside the booth with us.

Now LO eats dinner at the table!

Review by Bird's Momma (Posted on 2/19/14)
Prior, we were all facing the highchair rather than the dinner table to make sure our LO was fed, happy, included, etc. With the Inglesina chair, LO is a part of the dinner table conversation. He is happy to be in his own chair AT THE TABLE. The snap on dining tray is a MUST for this b/c it protects the arms from getting food and gunk getting squished under them - which you would then have to unscrew the chair to clean and remove. I bought two dining trays ($10/ea on other sites) and use one for dinner, then swap it out for a clean one for snacks, etc. A great buy in my opinion. We'll be taking it for travel too.

The 2014 upgrade (material zips around the bottom "hooks") prevents our son from sticking his legs in the loops or using the loops to push himself out of the chair. It's a good safety feature and worth the extra $10 over the 2013 version chair. We had the prior 2013 version of the chair and our son did used to use the hooks to stand on and eventually eject himself from the seat if we weren't watching him closely. He doesn't/can't do that anymore with the new chair.

The new chair is still light weight, compact folding and good for travel.

Works great, even for small babies

Review by Ida Know (Posted on 2/14/14)
We have a small townhouse so I was not thrilled with the idea of having some large hunk of plastic featuring obnoxious characters taking up a good chunk of my living space. A friend had used one of these hook on chairs so we looked into it. Out kitchen table is about 2.5 inches thick on the ends (not really a skirt) so we thought this would be our best bet. We were a little nervous about it since our 6 month old is a tiny thing at only 12 pounds and had a hard time fitting in restaurant high chairs and shopping carts. She fits perfectly in this since the straps function so well and hug her in place. I find the material easy to wipe down, as long as we use an actual washcloth and not a paper towel (Ahem, husband). We attempted to take it with us on a trip out of town last weekend, but in all three places we tried to bring it to they had pedestal tables so we didn't use it. The attached storage bag is great, though! We use this both at our kitchen table and, more often, on the counter top breakfast bar. The wee one is not on table food yet, and I can see how there would be a lot of "droppage" between the baby and the table/counter. Thankfully we have a dog who is more than happy to handle that. We did get the Summer Infant mat as well and it seems like that would help the situation. Very happy with this purchase and would absolutely recommend it. Oh, we got the navy fabric and it has not been showing any stains so far.

Great portable chair

Review by Stillness "Stillness" (Posted on 1/10/14)
This chair is great. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Nice little pocket in the back for storage. Easy to wipe down. It didn't fit our dinner table so we just it at the kitchen bar area and she watches us cook.

Love this chair!

Review by McDonough (Posted on 10/26/13)
I have used this chair for my son in restaurants ever since he was old enough to sit up on his own. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. It's very sturdy and to me seems safer than a restaurant high chair that could be turned over by someone. I also like the fact that he doesn't have as much "wiggle room" in this as in a regular high chair. My son seems to like the comfort of this seat over a high chair as well. Plus, there is the germ factor. Most restaurant high chairs rarely get wiped down so you never know what your little one might pick up from it. This was definitely one of the best investments in infant gear that I made.


Review by Jill (Posted on 6/14/13)
It is a great baby chair. My 6 month old can not sit by herself yet and it works perfect for her. I use it at restaurants instead of those dirty high chairs they have!

This is awesome

Review by Tawnya Reitz (Posted on 3/23/13)
I got this to take on a trip to Alaska to visit the grandparents who have no baby gear. It worked great on their kitchen bar and at the table. My LO was 7 months old at the time and really enjoyed spending a lot of time in it. I have also taken it to my in-law's house to use while visiting for the day. It takes a minute or two to screw up the posts to secure to the table so I don't know about taking it to a restaurant. It collapses down nicely and the carrying pouch is included. It worked great in my checked bag on my trip- now it lives in the car. My only gripe would be the fabric is kind of course- not that it's rough on her skin but it does collect oatmeal goo. I need to figure out how to wash it down. For now wiping it while fresh and then wiping the crustiness is working. I'm super glad I bought this. I was looking at one of the cheaper models but this is totally worth the extra bucks. It's really well made.

Fantastic product!

Review by Anna D. (Posted on 8/11/12)
I can't say enough about how great this seat is- it has changed mealtimes for the better for our family, both at home and when we go out.
First, it is incredibly easy to attach to tables, and it's light enough for us to take with us when we go out. Our 9-mo old is small and doesn't fit well in those wooden restaurant high chairs (we would inevitably end up passing her backand forth on our laps), so this is perfect. She very happily will sit through the meal now and eat along with us, in her own chair.
More importantly, our baby is so comfortable in this- it allows her to sit upright, close to the table. The seat is padded and the back is snug, but there is plenty of room for her as she gets bigger.
I use it at home, attached to the kitchen countertop, where she happily plays while I cook. I wasn't able to cook with her in the kitchen before because she lost patience in the regular high chair after about 5 min. Now, she is up at eye level and can see what's going on.
It is a quality product, obviously well made and sturdy. Convenient, portable, looks nice/stylish.
I never write reviews, but felt this warranted one because it has been such a game changer, making our lives much easier!

Love love this chair for home and travel

Review by Nannette Thomas (Posted on 5/18/12)
This is one of the most useful items I have bought. I bought it for my son (our first baby) at 7 months old as we were planning our first long trip. Really, it was so nice to have a chair with us for wherever we were, whether at a restaurant, or just at his greatgrandmother's house where there's zero baby equipment. We like to find local "hole in the wall" places to eat, and no matter what the old style of table we were at, this chair clamped right on. Easy to use (the screwing on/off of the clamps sometimes feels like it takes forever), easy to clean, comfortable. One reason I bought this over other similar style chairs was the amount of padding, the ability to remove the cover for washing (even a first time mom knows that is necessary for a baby item), the storage bag. We tried a chicco chair, the cool rotating one, but the clamp arms were soooo long, it did not work on any of our tables. This chair has worked on everything we've tried it on, including my breakfast bar which only has a 8" overhang. I have a regular freestanding highchair, and it got quickly packed away because this chair not only saves an incredible amount of space, it also lets our son actually be at the table with us. The only downfall was how easy it was to lose food between the edge of the table and his belly, the tray on a regular high chair is nice for that. But I recently bought the Summer Infant Tinydiner Place Mat with the little pouch, and it works great with this chair (a tip, use the fat paper clips or the small little black paper clamps to keep food pouch from sagging). Overall, one of the best baby items I have. We use it regularly in the house and decided to buy a second one for the car especially as summer comes and we'll be doing more picnicing and deck BBQs, this chair will be able to adapt to whatever table we're eating at.

Absolute lifesaver

Review by Michelle Durand (Posted on 4/2/12)
I have a smaller than normal baby (16 lbs @ 9 mo), who is eating full meals of solids. Once she started eating real foods entirely and not baby goo anymore, we started trying to figure out how to feed her on the go. First, restaurant high chairs are pretty much the worst thing ever. First, they were WAY too big - she always ended up slouching, no tray so food fell everywhere, depending on the place she may not even be able to reach the table so I'd end up hand-feeding her pieces at a time, which she hated. So, I went back to the drawing board and figured I'd get a hook-on. This one had the best reviews and was reasonably priced, so I gave it a shot.

First, the chair is just the right size and fits her perfectly - no more slouching baby, and she can reach the table quite well. Once you hook it on, the thing is rock solid and I haven't worried about safety. Having the carry bag built in was a stroke of genius, it so so easy to bring in somewhere, unpack and attach and then repack when done. The clamps can be super easy or a real pain depending on the angles you're working with - if you have enough space to get them spinning it can take mere moments to attach, but if you're working in tight quarters and had to open them wide you might be cursing the thing by the time both are firmly attached.

I also got the Tiny Diner, thinking the combo would be perfect to catch the fallout. Well, the Tiny Diner is too wide for the arms of this chair - so I've set it aside to try later. We tried putting the Tiny Diner wings under the clamps, but it seemed unstable and I didn't want to deal with it. We tried putting the wings over the clamps and baby (who isn't a big puller) pretty much flipped the Tiny Diner in about 10 seconds flat.

The system we ended up with has been perfect - we're using the Tommee Tippee placemat with suction, the sectioned plate, and the bib with a crumb-catcher. We hook the chair on with just enough room between the table and the front strap for the crumb-catcher, and hang it on the loosest setting around her neck so it sits between the table and the front strap. If baby eats well, everything ends up in the crumb-catcher. If not, well, it is a baby after all. :)

About a week after we started playing around with this thing, we had to go on an unexpected week-long plane trip out of town. We ate in restaurants or hotel breakfast areas exclusively for 6 days. Seriously, this system saved our hides. I can't imagine trying to get baby the nutrition she needed from real meals without this thing. We didn't find a single table anywhere that this didn't work out on. It fit easily in one side of our carry-on. Without it, I would have been, I dunno, hand-feeding her a bite at a time I guess since she couldn't reach a table from the high chair? It was so nice for her to go into so many different places and get so many different foods, but have her trusty chair and plate combo. She sat happily through family meals, and I got to eat and visit while she ate away. Mess was minimized, and even if we ate in our hotel room we had something for her to use.

This is pretty much the best thing I've bought for the baby in month

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