From 6 months to 37 lbs


The handy rear storage pocket is perfect for any small accessories you may need to put away to free up your hands.


Fast is ultra-light (4.2 lbs), collapsible and easy to carry comfortably in the included carry bag.


An instant favorite, parents love the Fast because of its simple, twist-tight coupling and its compatibility with most types of tables (3.2'' thick), leaving them scratch free.


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great product!

Review by ncoy (Posted on 4/9/14)
Here is the cool thing about this: You can attach it to pretty much any table and it takes up less room than a high chair. It is really cute and comfortable. I don't worry about her safety because it screws on the table securely and is high enough that she can't easily climb out of it. She really likes it and it is easy to put her in/out.

Here are the frustrations: I was hoping we could travel with this this to restaurants, friends houses, etc. instead of using their high chairs but the install takes too long to be used for that purpose. I wish it had an easy snap-on feature, but there are long "screws" that you have to manually use to secure it, so it is not something that you want to regularly take on and off. Second, the material is not easy to clean like plastic is. Every couple of weeks I have to completely take it apart and wash it. Third, there is a pretty big gap between the chair and the table so when baby drops food, it falls on the floor rather than stays on a table or a tray. We lose a lot of food this way

Awesome, but gets VERY dirty!

Review by ksk (Posted on 12/9/13)
I got this chair for my one year old. I was hoping to get one of the old versions of the hook-on-highchair that has a vinyl seat, but couldn't find it! This one is nice though, except that it gets VERY dirty. You can wipe away some of the food mess but certainly not all. Also, there is a crevice between the cushion and the chair that collects any dropped food. On the plus side, the seat is high enough for the toddler to reach the table. It's made of durable material and has a durable frame. It assembles and disassembles easily. It sort of takes a while to screw it onto or off of the table. I have skinny kid that likes to climb, so I have to have the straps pretty tight or he will climb out of them. This chair would be perfect if it was covered in vinyl for easy clean up.

Love this chair!

Review by Shayna Gattis (Posted on 12/9/13)
We have an 11mo boy and we travel a lot. Use the chair at grandparents house, eating out, and in out RV. So handy & fits behind the back seat.

Very Fast and we love it

Review by Fast Eddie (Posted on 11/14/13)
My wife is waiting for grand kids, but for now the nephew will do. He's a strong little dude and was too much action for a booster chair or stack of phone books. this this clamps down on the table or counter top. It's high quality that will fit in a dresser draw. perfect for travel, sleepovers or for old folks like us that only feed kids part-time at our house.

Great chair

Review by lwlwl (Posted on 11/13/13)
We've used this chair daily for a year now and I love it. It is sturdy, easy to clean, and seems comfortable. We use it both at the table for meals and at the kitchen island so that my daughter can "help" me cook. It is great for both purposes and would be good for travel too.

Great chair - and very portable

Review by Bitsy H Davis (Posted on 11/13/13)
Would recommend it to other parents and 'grandparents' (like ourselves) for its flexibility and protability. Be careful about selecting color - don't remember that as an option and 'black' is what we got.

Love love this chair for home and travel

Review by Nannette Thomas (Posted on 9/11/13)
This is one of the most useful items I have bought. I bought it for my son (our first baby) at 7 months old as we were planning our first long trip. Really, it was so nice to have a chair with us for wherever we were, whether at a restaurant, or just at his greatgrandmother's house where there's zero baby equipment. We like to find local "hole in the wall" places to eat, and no matter what the old style of table we were at, this chair clamped right on. Easy to use (the screwing on/off of the clamps sometimes feels like it takes forever), easy to clean, comfortable. One reason I bought this over other similar style chairs was the amount of padding, the ability to remove the cover for washing (even a first time mom knows that is necessary for a baby item), the storage bag. We tried a chicco chair, the cool rotating one, but the clamp arms were soooo long, it did not work on any of our tables. This chair has worked on everything we've tried it on, including my breakfast bar which only has a 8" overhang. I have a regular freestanding highchair, and it got quickly packed away because this chair not only saves an incredible amount of space, it also lets our son actually be at the table with us. The only downfall was how easy it was to lose food between the edge of the table and his belly, the tray on a regular high chair is nice for that. But I recently bought the Summer Infant Tinydiner Place Mat with the little pouch, and it works great with this chair (a tip, use the fat paper clips or the small little black paper clamps to keep food pouch from sagging). Overall, one of the best baby items I have. We use it regularly in the house and decided to buy a second one for the car especially as summer comes and we'll be doing more picnicing and deck BBQs, this chair will be able to adapt to whatever table we're eating at.

So useful

Review by Shelley (Posted on 8/14/13)
So much nicer for little ones than most restaurant high chairs. This was indispensable to us! Easy to carry and easy to wash, sturdy and comfortable for baby.

Really Really Like It!

Review by mom2lo (Posted on 5/18/13)
I purchased this seat for my 8-month-old son to attach to the center island where our family dines. It is a SOLID chair that attaches so well! I have no worry or concern of the chair falling in any way (assuming you've installed it correctly, of course). My son was not yet able to sit independently when we started using this seat and it worked great for him! We've had it for about 4 months and it's a great product. It does get dirty easy (as expected with an infant) and I've completely disassembled it to hand wash it at least once per month since we've had it. It's easy to take apart and wash, but be sure to allow plenty of time to air dry! Typically I use Clorox wipes to wipe down the big messes in between washes.

The ONLY thing I DO NOT LIKE about this chair is the design of the hooks under where the chair attaches to the table. They are essentially "stirrups" that my son places his feet into while eating. This allows him to push up to "stand" while buckled into the chair! It makes feeding him super difficult because he's like a moving target standing up and sitting back down. Even with the buckle attached snugly he is still able to do this and it can be a REAL nuisance. Very poor design in my opinion. Hopefully they fix this in the future.

I will also add that, while the chair includes a built-in/attached travel bag, we have never ventured out with this chair. I guess I just find it too annoying to take it places, not knowing if it will "fit" over the "lip" of a particular restaurant's table. Plus it's just a bit bulky to carry around and, since we use it at home for EVERY meal, installing and uninstalling it several times just doesn't make sense. If we really wanted to take this with us to dine out, we'd just purchase a separate one to keep in the car. Instead, we just take our high-chair cover with us when dining out (easy and lightweight and fits all typical restaurant highchairs).

Michelle Durand

Review by Absolute lifesaver (Posted on 4/18/13)
I have a smaller than normal baby (16 lbs @ 9 mo), who is eating full meals of solids. Once she started eating real foods entirely and not baby goo anymore, we started trying to figure out how to feed her on the go. First, restaurant high chairs are pretty much the worst thing ever. First, they were WAY too big - she always ended up slouching, no tray so food fell everywhere, depending on the place she may not even be able to reach the table so I'd end up hand-feeding her pieces at a time, which she hated. So, I went back to the drawing board and figured I'd get a hook-on. This one had the best reviews and was reasonably priced, so I gave it a shot.

First, the chair is just the right size and fits her perfectly - no more slouching baby, and she can reach the table quite well. Once you hook it on, the thing is rock solid and I haven't worried about safety. Having the carry bag built in was a stroke of genius, it so so easy to bring in somewhere, unpack and attach and then repack when done. The clamps can be super easy or a real pain depending on the angles you're working with - if you have enough space to get them spinning it can take mere moments to attach, but if you're working in tight quarters and had to open them wide you might be cursing the thing by the time both are firmly attached.

I also got the Tiny Diner, thinking the combo would be perfect to catch the fallout. Well, the Tiny Diner is too wide for the arms of this chair - so I've set it aside to try later. We tried putting the Tiny Diner wings under the clamps, but it seemed unstable and I didn't want to deal with it. We tried putting the wings over the clamps and baby (who isn't a big puller) pretty much flipped the Tiny Diner in about 10 seconds flat.

The system we ended up with has been perfect - we're using the Tommee Tippee placemat with suction, the sectioned plate, and the bib with a crumb-catcher. We hook the chair on with just enough room between the table and the front strap for the crumb-catcher, and hang it on the loosest setting around her neck so it sits between the table and the front strap. If baby eats well, everything ends up in the crumb-catcher. If not, well, it is a baby after all. :)

About a week after we started playing around with this thing, we had to go on an unexpected week-long plane trip out of town. We ate in restaurants or hotel breakfast areas exclusively for 6 days. Seriously, this system saved our hides. I can't imagine trying to get baby the nutrition she needed from real meals without this thing. We didn't find a single table anywhere that this didn't work out on. It fit easily in one side of our carry-on. Without it, I would have been, I dunno, hand-feeding her a bite at a time I guess since she couldn't reach a table from the high chair? It was so nice for her to go into so many different places and get so many different foods, but have her trusty chair and plate combo. She sat happily through family meals, and I got to eat and visit while she ate away. Mess was minimized, and even if we ate in our hotel room we had something for her to use.

This is pretty much the best thing I've bought for the baby in months. I had to convince myself it was worth buying something new that we might not use for that long, but this had already proved itself worth the price many times over.

UPDATE Dec 2012:
I still rave about this product. I've washed it in the washing machine (air-dried) and thrown it around the backseat and trunk of our car - good as new. Still haven't found a table it doesn't fit. Still get compliments wherever we go about how clever it is. A+!

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