From 3 months to 55 lbs


The extendable canopy and the matching (surprisingly roomy) basket make the Swift even more stylish: can you tell it is designed in Italy?


Lightweight (13 lbs including canopy) and infinitely convenient, Swift comes with an easy-to-use umbrella fold and its signature carry handle. When closed, Swift locks automatically into a small, compact package.


Not only does the Swift stroll and store easily, it's comfortable! Your baby will enjoy the ride in this nicely padded, 4-position reclining seat with leg support


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Great stroller

Review by smbear (Posted on 12/24/13)
I love this stroller. It's easy to push, has a good recline, and a great fold. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it doesn't come with a cup holder, and the handles are actually a little too high. (I'm only 5'5). I also wish it had an adjustable foot rest, but my kids don't seem to mind that it doesn't.

Great Product

Review by D. White (Posted on 10/22/13)
I really like the Inglesina Swift! This is my 7th stroller, my third umbrella stroller and its a great product for the money. Here is a list of all the things I liked and didn't care for as much. There isn't anything I really don't like though.


-Came Assembled
-It reclines fully
-It maneuvers smoothly (unlike The First Years Jet)
-The basket is easily accessible
-The straps adjust easily
-Folds up easily and doesn't take up a lot of room
-Its stands while folded (you just need to put the brake on)
-My 38 lbs 4 year old fits comfortable in it. It will also work great for an infant.
-Nice for tall people. I am 5' 8" and its great! My husband is 6' 1" and its fine for him also.


-It takes two hands to make it recline
-I wish the basket was a little larger
-While you fold it, you have to bend over. I wish I could just kick the bottom part up with my foot so I wouldn't have to bend over.
-I would have liked more parent storage (easy fix, I just bought the Dino organizer for $6)
-I would have liked some other material for the handle bars. Right now it has foam. I am worried that over time its going to peel/wear off.

I spent about 4-6 hours researching umbrella strollers. I looked at The First Year Jet and Ignite, the Maclaren Sport, the Chicco Liteway, Uppababy G-Luxe (this one was the runner-up), and a few others. For the money and the features, the Inglesina was the best choice for me. The Uppababy G-luxe was my runner up, but the price was about $160 more that the Swift. The only big difference is that the foot rest on the Swift does not extend like the Uppababy. For me that wasn't a big "must have" on my stroller.


Review by Valerie Martinez (Posted on 10/22/13)
Gave it 4 stars because the color was not a deep purple as I expected but more of a maroon color. Thought about returning for a yellow or black version but went ahead and kept. It's a great stroller. Reclines easily, folding up is a breeze and is very light. My daughter is 16 months and enjoys it.
Overall happy with purchase & would definitely recommend to a friend.


Review by Sweet_Sue (Posted on 9/21/13)
Fully satisfied except that if I could exchange the color I would do it because when you close the stroller, the tires stick to canopy the litter and dirty stain to canopy which is cream color causing dirty it.

Love this stroller

Review by Caroline Combs (Posted on 9/19/13)
My 17 month old and i love this stroller. Its folds up easy, fits through most store aisles, and turns with little effort. I just needed an option aside from a jogging stroller and my ERGO. I'm usually a baby wearer, but its nice to have back up.

Perfect solution for single mom 4th floor nyc walk up

Review by TM Gonzalez "TMG" (Posted on 9/9/13)
I researched just about every lightweight umbrella stroller of high quality. I debated between this one and others triple the price tag through hundreds of reviews. I needed something I could manage with one hand while carrying my infant in the other because of my no-car, 4th floor walk-up, single mom situation. This is it! I can open and close it with one foot and one arm. I can carry it and baby with diaper bag on my back with ease. I can also do it quickly when I'm trying to make the bus though it's best with another person because of the aggressive and not so friendly commuters. This carriage is for 3 months and older but I was able to comfortably put my one month old in it with the help of a snuggie because of how far back the seat drops. I would love to go by the manufacturer guidelines, but I also have to get him to his appointments and the carrier I have just doesn't cut it for a mom recovering from c-section. I love this stroller so much! My little guy falls right out under the shade of the canopy, which is a nice TUP fabric that blocks both sun and rain. The basket fits about three small grocery bags. Someone complained about the mechanism for the seat. I have had no trouble. When I pull both sides up, I am able to get the seat down with my fingertips. It kind of slides ride into your hands. I can't rave enough about this stroller and I am not a paid reviewer. I'm just super excited when I find a product that meets my needs, my son seems to like, and is great for the price. The wheels are a hollow plastic, but I'll take it for the light weight up my elevator-less building.

Perfect and easy to handle

Review by Edwin Gomez (Posted on 8/6/13)
Great stroller, is very confortable for my baby and the canopy is awsome, we use to get a bigger but this size is enough to travel

Great Buy

Review by Veronica Garrison (Posted on 1/23/13)
Very light but still sturdy, perfect for travelling, and field trips. Easy to use, love how the back incline has different levels, easy to collapse also. Seat has padding which makes it comfy for baby. Bought for my 7 month old baby although he is big for his age, thrilled that I will still be able to use this stroller for him as a toddler. The only down side is they netted basket at the bottom of the stroller is hard to access when child is in stroller, there is not a lot of room for items. I noticed mainly when I would go to the store for a 2 or 3 things it was a struggle to get a carton of milk down there. No cup holder so I bought the "J.L. Childress Cargo 'N Drinks Parent Tray" too.

Amazingly light weight with great style and quality!

Review by rainedrop (Posted on 1/15/13)
I purchased this stroller for our month vacation to Hawaii. We own a Quinny but thought it would be too large to lug around on flights and while on the island. I did lots of research and settled on the Inglesina Swift. It was exactly what I was looking for. It fit very well for our 5 month old and features great quality and durability. The wheels swivel excellent and never once gave us any problems even while treading through dirt paths and light sand. Love the 5-pt harness and the recline is amazing - not to mention the extra large visor that was well appreciated for our little one. The 2013 model features a higher/taller seat and canopy, which is great for a tall child or all around longer use. The red color is gorgeous altho I did find it to be a bit brighter than what is featured online. It's more of a bright red than deep red. Still very nice.

very nice stroller

Review by Veronika Dizdar (Posted on 1/9/13)
i like this stroller, it is perfect…it is light and it has cool design. Great for babies 12 months and up.

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