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Shock absorbers on all four wheels, combined with large EVA wheels (featuring ball bearings) let you travel on the roughest terrain. No matter where you are, the Quad's water-repellent fabric will help to keep your baby and stroller dry.

One-handed fold and push

Quad features an Inglesina-patented locking system, making it possible to close and reopen the frame with one hand. Parents of all heights can comfortably push Quad with one hand by using its single height-adjustable handle.


You will be ready to stroll through any season with the included rain cover, winter foot-muff, large foldaway hood, cup holder and mesh storage basket. The 5-point adjustable safety harness features soft shoulder pads and the reversible seat reclines in four positions. Quad grows with your baby, featuring a 2-position adjustable footrest and a padded seat cover, so that your little one is always comfortable.


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Versitile, Comfortable, and Luxerious! Your little one will love it.

Review by MSMJ Shaffer (Posted on 6/12/15)
There was quite the long search to find just the right baby stroller. My wife had experiences with this stroller in the past but I said we should shop around first. After looking at multiple strollers we ultimately decided to go with this one. I was very pleased with the ease of collapsing and putting it back together. There is a nice storage area on the bottom, but the main area is where the money is. Lots of options to keep baby comfortable and warm. It comes with a rain coat type attachment and the bottom portion keeps baby nice and snug and warm. All the parts of this are really well made and we couldn't be happier with it. It might be a bit pricey but I feel it's way better than some strollers that were worth $1,000+.

Amazing stroller

Review by Ciani (Posted on 6/1/15)
After much research I took the plunge and got this stroller sight-unseen. It's one of the baby purchases that I'm the most pleased with. It's so well-engineered, smoothly finished and easy to use that it has spoiled me for other baby products. Every part that snaps together does so easily and fits precisely without requiring any fiddly alignment (with the notable exception of the car seat which is a different brand - more on that below). All the handles that have to be squeezed can be pressed easily and don't stick. Everything just works the way it's supposed to without requiring any force whatsoever.

The official video preview shows just about everything you need to know on how the stroller works. I was skeptical because videos always make things seem easier than they actually are, but in this case the video is accurate. Folding the stroller to put it in the trunk really is as easy as shown, too.

The wheels are "all-terrain" and handle gravel and uneven pathways extremely well. I've even gone over grass for short distances with no problems. At the same time the stroller's base is not excessively large (like on some sports strollers) and the stroller is extremely maneuverable through tighter spaces such as indoors.

We got the pram attachment and it's very large and solidly built. The side walls are thick and don't bend at all. I've seen some other strollers in stores that were more expensive and the prams were tiny and flimsy and looked like toys by comparison to the Inglesina! We actually used the stroller as a bassinet indoors for the first few months and the baby loved sleeping in it during daytime naps, and we could bring it with us wherever we were in the house. (One disadvantage is that it does not have a sheet and the lining says "hand-wash only." We used a receiving blanket as extra lining but it meant we had to pay extra attention to make sure it didn't move out of place, but it never really did.)

We got the car seat adapter and the Maxi Cosi car seat. This was the one part that wasn't that easy to use. It snaps together fine but the car seat has to be lowered in such a way that two gaps in the car seat align over the adapter. This can be difficult to do while lifting a car seat with a baby and sometimes requires a bit of fiddling to get it just right. I think this attachment mechanism would be similar on other strollers, but I'm not sure. Also only a few car seats work with the Inglesina adapter, so if you decide to use the stroller with a car seat be sure to also pick a compatible car seat ahead of time.

The only other disadvantage I can think of is that the storage space underneath is not as huge as on some other strollers like the Uppababy Vista. It's still large enough to hold a handbag or a small backpack and it worked fine for our needs.

In summary, it's a really high quality, beautifully made stroller that works great both indoors and on rough terrain outdoors. The fabrics are nice and look very durable. I am in love with it and recommend everything about it. I wish all baby products were made like this! Be sure to shop for a compatible car seat if you're planning to use it with the adapter.

FABULOUS stroller

Review by Heather (Posted on 5/8/15)
I have used this stroller for a year now, and I am 100% confident I made the right choice. I love it! For my needs, its perfect-We live in the suburbs, do a lot of walking from home, and also drive-park-walk.

Here are my favorite Pros:
* It is gorgeous. I am constantly getting compliments on it. I have the purple, which I believe is no longer made though.
* It is SO EASY to manipulate- taking the seat on/off, turning it around, folding and unfolding, moving head/foot rest up and down, adjusting handle bar- its all a cinch and I never have to fiddle with it.
* The fold: Yes, its a 2-step process, but its is SO EASY to do. With a little adjusting I can fit the entire thing in the back oh my Acura MDX WITH THE THIRD ROW IN USE. The chassis is quite light for how solid the stroller is, so no problem getting it into or out of the trunk.
* Its VERY sturdy and maneuverable. I use it over bumpy sidewalks, all over the soccer/lacrosse field, on gravel, through snow....... its a lovely ride. I use it for stroller exercise class which is at a jog, and its comfortable for both baby and I. (Though I wouldn't RUN with it).
* Baby is very comfortable in it. Easy to snap in the buckle.

I don't really have any cons, though if I had to "fix" something it would be the canopy: The white material lining the underside is a stark contrast to the earth tones of the stroller. Also I wish there was a cover for the little window to keep out the sun.

And, a note on the bassinet: For my needs, this was a waste. It is HUGE, and STURDY (heavy). The thing is a tank. If I lived a completely urban lifestyle I would have used it for sure, to keep the city away from my newborn. And, my baby did not like lying in it- she preferred the stroller seat fully reclined anyway. And since she was born in spring when the weather is mild I didn't need the tank-like protection for her. Plus, I couldn't fit it in my car. But, as far as the stroller goes: Buy it. You won't regret it, and your baby will LOVE IT.

Best stroller!!!

Review by Sergey Karnaukh (Posted on 4/30/15)
Best stroller!!! Super comfy and I love how high it is! Absolutely perfect for my family in every possible way!

Ideal for the rough sidewalks

Review by SHAN (Posted on 5/19/14)
Inglesinas brand-new All-Terrain Quad Stroller is ideal for the rough sidewalks of New York City. Equipped with large ball-bearing wheels and shock absorbers, your baby wont feel a thing while riding over uneven pavement. A one-handed folding mechanism will compact the carrier for perfect storage in even the smallest of apartments. The quad also comes with a reversible, four-position seat for the most comfortable experience.


Review by Jenny (Posted on 5/1/14)
I was excited and a little intimidated by the three large boxes that arrived with my new Inglesina Quad Stroller with Pushchair Seat and Bassinet. The boxes werent heavy just large so my sweet hubby, who handles all things heavy and all household projects, stood by as I insisted on opening the boxes and assembling myself.

When I opened the boxes and took the pieces out to assemble, the first thing I noticed was how gorgeous the color and fabric is on the pushchair seat and bassinet. Its a mellow shade of plum, not too purple, along with heathered beige to contrast. Very androgynous, which I am definitely a fan of! Ive read Inglesina always uses modern, chic colors, and this is no exception. Im not a neon or pastel type of gal, so this suits me just fine. The chassis is lightweight aluminum and graphite gray, which blends perfectly with the plum.

I received a manual on how to complete the process, so I could put the gear to the test. Half of the manual is a step-by-step guide using photos to show how to assemble and operate. The other half is written instructions, which were pretty clear and concise. I used both to make sure I assembled everything properly. Precious cargo!

Once I clicked the back wheels into place, I followed the instructions to learn how to open and close the chassis and use the brake. Im 5 4 on a good day and thought the handle was a little high. Ask and you shall receive! There are two side buttons on the handle for easy adjustment when pushed simultaneously perfect for my 6 tall husband and me. The handle is soft, thin foam, so its comfy and will be easy to maintain my grip, even if my hands are wet. The brake is centered in the middle of the chassis, so its easy to find and operate, unlike other strollers Ive seen which position the brake near the tires. The chassis is very lightweight and opens and closes without much effort. Theres a roomy compartment underneath the chassis to store any goodies you may need. It can be removed for cleaning or if you simply dont require it.

Clicking the bassinet into the chassis was a breeze! It seems a little big, but Im little, so take that with a grain of salt. The apron was also easy to put on it. Theres a lever on the bassinet so the ventilation can be controlled. This is a perfect feature for my summertime baby. The internal lining removes easily for cleaning.

The pushchair seat simply clicks into the chassis. You can set the seat to face you or face forward. If you need to increase the height of the shoulder straps, the entire chair must be removed from the chassis and flipped over, so you can unhook the fabric and go from there. Its not difficult, but it wasnt spelled out in the instructions. You wouldnt have to perform this regularly, just when baby has a growth spurt.

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