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Net is the lightest Inglesina stroller, weighing just 11.2 lbs. The base of the seat cover is made entirely of mesh, in order to provide air circulation even in the warmest months.


The Net’s wide seat and 2-position recline allow your little passenger to take a pleasant nap, and its canopy is rated UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) to protect him/her from harmful sun rays. Easy to clean, its seat pad is removable and washable.


Net is extremely easy to open and close it, and - when folded - it can stand on its own so that no part in direct contact with your baby will touch the ground (plus you will not have to bend either!). It features a practical shoulder strap to take it with you on trips.


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The best lightweight stroller

Review by Elaine (Posted on 6/18/15)
Perfect combination of light and sturdy. Great for traveling. Easy to clean

Love the Net!

Review by Neely (Posted on 6/17/15)
I LOVE this stroller. It is well made, sturdy, light, and comfy for my 11 month old. The fabric of the seat pad is super soft and I love the option of removing it for hot days. It folds easy enough that I can do it with one hand while holding my baby with the other arm--this makes going through airport security so much easier! I have stroller clips on my (very heavy) diaper bag and I can actually attach it without tipping the stroller over. I was deciding between this and a Maclaren Volo as the mesh seat was a huge selling point for me. In the end I went with the Net because of the recline option and I am SO HAPPY with my decision!

Awesome umbrella stroller with many great features

Review by Morley (Posted on 6/13/15)
The Inglesina Net Stroller is an amazing umbrella stroller. It is so light weight, that taking it just about anywhere is easy and pleasurable! It folds up easily enough, which means that when you are in a rush, you can open or close it quickly and easily. It is very roomy and the sun shade also provides a lot of protection. It rolls smoothly, even when weighed down with the a bunch of stuff in the storage area....and you can fit quite a bit, including diapers, snacks, wipes, etc. The cup holder is great for a coffee or soda. You can recline the setback, but you cannot lay it flat. for something that only weighs 15 pounds, it has a weight capacity of 55 pounds, which means this will last you for a while. You can remove the seat pad and wash it whenever you want.....also, easily. This is excellent, as this will be taking a beating and will be getting pretty dirty. The canopy is also easily removed and washed. So sweet! The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, and since it stands on its own, you can put it down anywhere if you need a rest. It turns well and tracks just fine. The handles are great, and comfortable, even for a 6 footer.


Review by James (Posted on 6/11/15)
“Sturdy” is the first impression I had of this stroller.
This is a stroller that you can put a child into knowing they will be comfortable and safe.
This is all metal, solid plastic and webbing held together with rivets and double stitching.
With all of this, it is not unusually heavy or hard to maneuver.
The mesh seat will be cooler in summer and the padded fabric insert will help block the cold winter winds.
I found collapsing the stroller a little complex but am adjusting and it is getting easier.
The ability to stand collapsed is great!
Collapse the stroller, lock it closed and stand it up. It is not going to start rolling away as it opens or fall over into the dirt.
Slip an arm through the shoulder strap and you are ready to walk away.


Review by FatOrangeTabby (Posted on 6/5/15)
This is so much better than the umbrella-style stroller we were using! It was a Jet made by The First Years, and I felt that it was hard to push and the cargo area was hard to access and small, so we often just used our regular stroller even though it wasn't convenient. But sometimes you just need a lightweight stroller and this one is perfect! It's light,easy to fold and unfold, has ample, easily accessible cargo room, and is comfy for my son because the seat reclines! The canopy is a good size and has really good protection. I am tall and so is my husband, and we have no problems with the handle height. The fabric is so soft and the seat pad comes off in case you need to throw it in the wash. It stands on its own when folded up for easy storage. Did I mention it's super light? Perfect!

Recommend wholeheartedly. Sturdy, strong, attractive.

Review by Texaswomyn (Posted on 5/21/15)
The Inglesina Stoller has many things going for it, not the least of which is its light weight and the ability to collapse into a size that fits into anyone's backseat. I love that it has a "hood" which will protect an infant or child from the harsh sun or a sudden shower. The one I received was black - not the best color for a hot day, but it should work out fine. The overall "look" of the stroller is sleek and sophisticated.

One of the best characteristics is the excellent mobility. The large wheels are easy to push, turn sharply, and provide and smooth a ride for the child.

All the stitching looks well done with heavy-duty thread and no missed stitches. the welds on the framework are smooth and the paint is blemishh free.

This stroller looks and feels like it will last through several children.

Recommended wholeleartedly.

This sturdy stroller is well engineered. So easy to move, collapse, carry or store! Does not flip that!

Review by Melodie "2kidznus" (Posted on 5/18/15)
This is a well made. sturdy stroller! It was a snap to put together just the liner, the hood, and the cup holder. The straps are all adjustable and there are breaks for the wheels. There is a net basket behind in the back for storage. I like how sturdy it is for a umbrella stroller with a lean back position. It does not flip back that. There is a washable removable pad. The hooded shade is quite large and easy to remove. It is so easy to move, collapse, carry (has a trap and is very lightweight) and store. There is nothing about this stroller I don't like.

Highly recommend!!!!

Great Stroller, Best Feature Is It Stands On Its Own When Folded

Review by SW (Posted on 5/7/15)
This is a great umbrella stroller that easily and comfortably holds our one-year-old, along with a good bit of stuff. It does have a leaning position, though not a full layback, and I especially appreciated the large, curved sun shade, which covers even more of your little one in the layback position.

We normally use a Maclaren Triumph, and this model is very comparable for slightly less money. It has all the same features, plus a cup holder, and is just as easy to push as the Maclaren.

But, honestly, the best part of this stroller is its portability. It's super lightweight (feels significantly lighter than the Triumph), but even better than that, comes with a strap for easy over-the-shoulder carrying, where it weighs less than the diaper bag. But the very best part -- this stroller's simple genius, and why it's our new everyday use ride -- is that it stands up on its own when folded. No more crashing to the floor when you try to lean it, or smashing kids fingers (or heads) when it inadvertently falls on them when you're trying to get everything into or out of the car. For this mom, this one little thing takes it from good, to great. Wish I'd had it for my two older kids!

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