Fast table chair

I received my Fast table chair, but I am afraid that you did not send me the travel carry bag. Can you send me one?

Most likely your travel carry bag is hidden underneath the seat in the pocket that is closed with velcro. The carry bag is actually sewn to the fabric so that you will not lose it.


What is the difference between the 2013 and 2014 Fast table chair?

The new 2014 Fast table chair has an extra piece of fabric that wraps around the lateral tubing of the chair, providing extra comfort for your baby. All 2014 Fast table chairs feature a gray frame.


Does the optional Fast dining tray fit in the Fast table chair's carry bag?



Is the optional Fast dining tray compatible with older models of the Fast table chair?

Yes, the dining tray will easily attach to older versions of the Fast table chair.


Does the Fast Table chair contain flame retardants?



Does the Fast Table chair contain BPA, PVC, lead, or Pthalates?