0-36 months

This is the premium Classica package, to be used from birth to 36 months. The Classica, however, is not for everyone. Only for those looking for an exclusive family heirloom, to be admired and remembered for generations.

Handmade in Italy

Individually handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans using only the finest materials, the Classica places your child at the pinnacle of safety, comfort and style. Inspired by 19th-century British aristocracy and refined in Italy, this enduring model of family and tradition features a timeless yet somehow uniquely contemporary design.


The chromium-plated curved steel handle is padded with pure leather featuring hooks to connect your diaper bag (included with the bassinet).


The refined details on the Classica cannot be seen on any other pram. The Classica features elegant chrome-plated hood joints and rich details with refined privacy curtain in delicate organza fabric.

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Most beautiful baby products I have ever seen!

Review by Nicole (Posted on 8/12/14)
I purchased the Classica 0-36 month package (light gray/white Betulla color) in the spring of last year, when my niece was just a few months old. As her godmother, I wanted to splurge and get something really special for her. I chose the gray because I also have a nephew who is just 6 weeks older than my niece and I wanted to him to be able to use it too when he came to visit. I really hesitated to make a big purchase like this over the Internet, relying only on a few photos and descriptions instead of being able to see it in person, but from the minute we took it out of the box, my entire family has been so impressed. It truly is one of the most beautiful baby products I have ever seen!! It is so elegant and exquisite that I have never regretted the expense. We used it all last summer and fall for the babies and we've used it again this year with the toddler seat instead of the bassinet, which was such a worthwhile purchase too. Almost every time I take my niece or nephew
out for a walk around our suburban neighborhood, someone stops us to compliment how beautiful it is. I can't even count the number of times that cars have literally pulled over along the roadside so that the driver can ooh and aah over it. Every time it's complimented I feel so good because I feel that it was the right choice for my precious little niece and goddaughter, who means the world to me, to ride in. I just wanted to share what a wonderful product I think this is and how impressed I am with its quality and craftsmanship. The bassinet even came with a wonderful scent of fresh baby powder, which has never disappeared, even after this amount of time. The soft gray and white color combination is truly elegant and coordinates with whatever baby blanket I tuck into it, so that it is equally as fitting for a baby girl or a baby boy. Even the diaper bag that came with it was classy and has become our diaper bag of choice, even when we are going somewhere without the pram.
Thank you so much for such an impressive product!!

Very happy with it

Review by Babalou (Posted on 2/23/14)
We bought this pram a year ago and are very happy with it. We especially like it when we see other prams in the street that are made of plastics (eg. Bugaboo). It makes us feel lucky to have a classically beautiful yet functional pram. The pram folds really easily. As you push the pram you really notice how comfortable its height is - that was another reason for us to buy it. With most prams, kids tend to sit or lay in line with car's exhaust pipes. Also, our child has lots of space, and during winter we lay some wool in the pram. Thanks to the pram's big wheels, we can drive it through the snow with ease.


Review by Para (Posted on 2/22/14)
We're not made of money, so buying this pram was a really big deal for us. I waited to purchase this product until we had the finances to support such a big ticket item. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my fourth child, that we were finally ready for this purchase. I was very excited! You know the Inglesina Classica: the navy blue pram like you've seen in the movies, it's just gorgeous!

White on the bottom, navy blue felt material on top, this is THE stroller that you see in all the older movies. A symbol of luxury, of the best-of-the-best. The top of the stroller is a sun shield, and can be folded back to expose the entire inside of the pram, or folded into position and will cover nearly half of the pram. The steel accent bars on the sides hold the shield in place. A tiny white lace trimmed curtain, complete with drawbacks installs into the shield, so you can use the drawbacks to see the baby, or leave them drawn for additional sun protection. Inside of the pram there is a thin, removable mattress and a lined interior. The interior can be adjusted so that the baby can be placed in a slightly elevated position, or a semi sitting position. The Inglesina also comes with a full apron, which snaps on both sides of the outside of the pram and matches the stroller. This is great for wind or sun protection, and can be easily removed if you don't want to use it. There is a chrome basket at the bottom, which is roomy and plentiful but due to the open construction of it, there is not a whole lot of protection for the items that are placed in it. The chrome bar that is used to push the pram has a rubberized coating for comfortable gripping. Oversized white spoke wheels complete the classic look; the rear wheels are slightly larger than the front. Ceramic Inglesina logos are located on each side of the pram. Comes with matching diaper bag and adjustable matching toddler seat replacement.

My first stroll with the Inglesina Classica

The baby woke up almost instantly as I walked out the door, and so I tried to get moving quickly so that he would hopefully fall back asleep enough for me to get at least a little bit of a walk in. After walking about a block, he made it abundantly clear that it was feeding time, and not strolling time, so I obliged him and turned around to head back home. I noticed several things that disappointed me during my short walk. One, there was no shock absorbency at all; it was a very bumpy ride, even on our smooth pavement. Two, you cannot steer this pram without popping it up on its rear tires and pivoting it. That was very disappointing. So, this means that walking down the road, I had to pivot every few steps when the road curved to make sure I didn't run into any shrubs. While it looks absolutely gorgeous, it doesn't drive that way!

Six months later, I took my second stroll with this pram. I elevated the back to a semi-sitting position, and put my precious son in, who was very curious about this strange contraption that he was riding in. It was only a moment before he yanked down the petite velcro curtains and ate them. I took them away, and he tried to stand up. It was at this moment that I realized that this pram didn't have any type of safety harness in it. I helped my son sit down, which he did not appreciate. He kept trying to get up, and I kept trying to keep him down, while pushing a stroller with one hand and trying to control it around the curves while neighbors watched. I tried to smile, but was getting frustrated. Needless to say, I gave him the curtains to chew on so that he would stay put until he got back home.

Admittedly, the Inglesina now involuntarily houses stuffed animals from time to time. It is very difficult to manueuver, not very steady, cannot be folded compactly for car travel, has no safety straps (although the toddler seat does) and my son hates it. Whether he likes it or not, it's still a gorgeous pram that will remain in our family for many generations to come.

A dream

Review by Doris 50 (Posted on 2/9/14)
This pram is a dream… it reminds me of the Danish prams: They are big, there's lots of room in them, and they are nice and high and stable….. And not every nosey parker can peer over the edge into them….Finally, they are also really nice to look at.


Review by Gerber (Posted on 1/4/14)
Would I recommend it? Absolutely! The Inglesina Classica is an indulgence that should be enjoyed by everyone wanting to live a fairy-tale. We dream of elaborate weddings and plan extravagant affairs, and when baby comes, we should indulge in our romantic sides and have memorable moments as we take a stroll with our baby through the park. As little girls, we pushed carriages, not modern day, impersonal strollers. So go for it! The Classica, although an investment, will be passed down to your children. You will actually use the Classica. It will not sit in a long forgotten corner collecting dolls. I was blissfully happy as I pushed my baby in Italian luxury. It was a day to be remembered.

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