Research and quality tests to obtain top quality and style


Every Inglesina project is supported by dedicated research in Marketing and Manufacture.

Marketing Research

Inglesina conducts constant marketing research aimed at obtaining feedback regarding the current market status. Its target is to identify and define the real demands of its users, which in this case has double implications since the user is both parent and child. Such research gives us an idea of the overall characteristics of products offered by the market, of macro tendencies, and of the public's reactions and its expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. In this way we are able to pinpoint, with a certain degree of reliability and preciseness, the attributes of the end product that are most likely to kindle interest, where each attribute is classified under a series of values termed primary, secondary or trivial.


Materials Research

Where the manufacturing process is concerned, Inglesina conducts thorough research vis-à-vis choice of materials, with the primary scope of identifying and determining the best materials most suited to the development of each project. Materials research covers the most varied of sectors - from textile fabrics to mechanical components - and is fed constantly by internal and external consultancies, participation in trade fairs, analysis of samples and liaison with representatives of the most renowned national and international companies and/or partners.



Every Inglesina project undergoes a schedule of tests for assuring high level of security.


Materials testing

Every material intended for a project is clearly defined by technical specifications and is then laboratory-tested for proof of compliance to childcare regulations and standards. Thus each material destined to the "hard" and "soft" parts of a product is subjected to physical tests such as strength, endurance and resistance to deformation, tests for measuring the degree of ignitability, and chemical tests such as fastness to solvents, washing, and exposure to the sun and atmospheric agents.

Parts testing

Once a product is assembled the test routine envisaged for each project calls for a series of physical endurance tests that are performed internally, based on the standard requirements that have to be met. This refers in particular to requirements dictated by the proper use or otherwise of the product, defined over the years on the basis of experience and market feedback.


Approval Testing

In the last phase, products must be shown to comply with European and international statutory requirements. As a further guarantee of product conformance, Inglesina relies on leading national and international Test Laboratories for this phase. Nevertheless, this decision is not dictated by mere marketing requirements but, on the contrary, by the heartfelt sensitivity that characterises all the undertakings of Inglesina, which has always been seriously attentive to the safety and wellbeing of kids. This sensitivity to safety is further confirmed by the company's participation in Workshops associated with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), whose purpose is to promote the harmonisation and updating of national standards in individual countries.



Energies and synergies stemming from within and without are committed to the development of every single project - these are the so-called "test fields". Here market requirements in respect of functionality and comfort are recorded, classified and analysed. Even the tiniest "critical factor of success" is taken into consideration. The systematic application of this procedure generates the development plan of a project.This means that the smallest requirement that reaches us from outside contributes towards the definition of a product and its conformity to the ultimate goal - to meet all the requirements of comfort and functionality.This commitment physically translates itself into the continuous technical and functional improvement of systems and mechanisms and the introduction of brand new products.



For over forty years the Inglesina mark has been synonymous with "Quality". The Inglesina quality policy is applied across the entire range of products by virtue of the rigorous quality standards adopted both during the design stage as well as during manufacture. This is why each and every step and component undergoes a series of determinant checks. Supplier selection, choice of materials, general assembly inspections aimed at evaluating each manufacturing phase, and finally, thorough end product analysis for verifying product conformity to the original project and correct functionality and appearance. Thanks to this constant monitoring, the product that is placed on the market can rightly be said to be superior.



Every single project is not only born of thorough market and materials research, but is also influenced by ongoing trends that help define the overall appearance so that the product is perfectly in keeping with the times. Inglesina creations combine the answer to market demands with the creativeness and style imparted by elegance, select fabrics, fine detail and careful tailor-making, all of which have for years distinguished Inglesina in the world.